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Puerto Vallarta, The Best Option To Plan An Incentive Trip

If you run a company, or have a team in charge, you know about the importance of keeping your employees motivated and recognized for their achievements.

One way to encourage motivation among your work team is incentive trips, which have been part of large and small corporations, particularly abroad, for decades, but you will be interested to know that in Mexico they have become very important, and Puerto Vallarta. It has positioned itself as one of the best destinations for incentive travel.

Why have these types of trips become so important?

Because they help employees to be in line with your objectives, they are an excellent way to improve the quality of your company’s processes and create cohesion among the team. But not only that, they also generate loyalty towards your brand: a trip is always marked in the memories and in the heart.

And although incentive trips have been on hiatus for the past two years, you’ll be surprised to learn that when asking top performers in 2020 if they wanted to receive a cash incentive, or waiting until 2021 to take that longed-for trip, the majority chose to wait.

  • Incentive travel programs keep employees and business partners highly motivated.
  • Companies that reward the effort of their employees with non-monetary incentives – such as travel or gift cards – can increase their return on investment or revenue up to three times .
  • The highest percentages of productivity and sales are observed among companies that reward the achievements of their collaborators.
  • The best investment a company can make is precisely in incentive trips, either to reward sales staff; in recognition of collaborators; as an appreciation for the trust of business partners; or to foster loyalty among customers.

If you have been analyzing the idea of ​​implementing incentive trips in your company or business, we will tell you about 5 reasons that make Puerto Vallarta a simply irresistible destination to plan an incentive trip:

1. A trip to suit you

In  Puerto Vallarta you  will have the advice of integrating tourist agencies or DMC’s, which are specialized in the destination and can help you organize everything related to your incentive program, from what places to visit or where to stay, to what to do in  Puerto Vallarta . Find everything related to this type of service, and  the companies that offer it on our dedicated page .

2. Infrastructure

Puerto Vallarta  has an extensive directory of hotels that offer first-rate facilities to hold sessions and congresses, from large convention centers to meeting rooms and lounges. No, only that, they also have certified event coordinators ( CMP) and they will help you with the organization of your incentive program from start to finish, going through personalized recommendations, and the option of planning activities within their facilities focused on creating integration or team building dynamics  . You will find all-inclusive options or in European plan and of different price ranges, to adapt to your budget.

Here is the list of hotels that offer specialized services for Groups and Conventions in Puerto Vallarta:

In addition, the modern  Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center   is positioned among the best equipped in Mexico, with a cutting-edge infrastructure that will allow you to carry out large events such as congresses, conventions, exhibitions and concerts, to name a few.

In addition, the modern  Puerto Vallarta International Convention Center  is positioned among the best equipped in Mexico, with a cutting-edge infrastructure that will allow you to carry out large events such as congresses, conventions, exhibitions and concerts, to name a few.

3. Activities at the destination

With more than 50 outdoor activities and so many natural beauties to explore,  Puerto Vallarta  will be your best option to plan an incentive trip. In addition, the opportunity to create bonds between your team, and leave incredible memories that will remain for a long time.

From boat trips to the most remote beaches, swimming with dolphins in their natural habitat, horseback riding or adrenaline-charged tours while descending rocks and waterfalls, to jumping from a parachute to test your bravery, diving in spectacular areas, such as the Los Arcos de Mismaloya National Marine Park or practice sailing regattas, take boat rides and watch humpback whales that visit Banderas Bay every year between December and March, and offer an unmissable natural spectacle.

In addition, you can organize group activities in different outdoor areas, such as Cleats, Majahuitas, the Botanical Garden, the unforgettable Canopy River Mountain Party; and in public spaces full of charm such as Parquet Hidalgo, Parquet Lazaro Cárdenas and the Port Area.

Literally, the sky is the limit in  Puerto Vallarta .

4. High air and land connectivity

The modern Puerto Vallarta International Airport  , Licenciado Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, has first-rate infrastructure, with VIP lounges recently integrated into its services, in addition to being the third airport in the country with the largest number of flights and connections to and from major cities. The main national lines such as Aeromar, Aeroméxico, Magnicharters, TAR Airlines, VivaAerobus and Volaris offer direct flights, while a dozen airlines fly to and from the United States, including American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, United Airlines, Southwest Airlines and Delta Airlines. From Canada, Air Canada, Air Transat, Sunwing, Aswoop and Westjet have flights to our International Airport. Take a look at the full list of airlines.

The highway system that connects  Puerto Vallarta  with the main cities of Mexico offers modern highways to travel by land safely and comfortably. If you are interested in planning a road trip style trip, we recommend you read  our note with tips  with estimated times from some of the cities of Mexico.

5. Corporate Social Responsibility Programs

Another option that you will find interesting is to plan a trip that generates environmental, social and ecological awareness among your team of collaborators while leaving a positive footprint in  Puerto Vallarta . From planting trees, supporting sea ​​turtle preservation programs  , to embarking on socio-cultural, tourist and ecotourism activities together with projects such as  Urban Navigator  and enjoying exciting adventures while supporting conservation causes like  Jorullo Paradise.  and  Canopy River.

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